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The Quarto Press


Since the press tries to vary the style to suit the job in hand, and not to have a recognisable ‘corporate identity’ style, these show only a few of the hundreds (probably several thousand) pieces the press has produced over the years, and which vary from brash fluorescent posters to more subdued wedding invitations.

 Wedding  Invitation (detail)

 (Left) detail of page of book  of  poetry

Some tickets for a youth theatre group’s shows

Some examples of current greetings cards

Tickets & cards for various organisations

Two titles from the Scottish Academic Reprints series edited by Prof. Ross Roy. These reprinted rare poems of academic interest, with introductions. Like all the press’s poetry booklets, these were hand-set.

Email quartopress@btinternet.com with enquiries.


These SRA3 sheets show the types held at the press. All 34 are printed from the original metal & wood types, hand-set and printed on a hand-fed press, but unlike conventional type specimens, each sheet is designed to suit the faces shown. Limited number of each produced (mostly about 80 copies, a few larger amounts). They are printed on conventional commercial printing papers.

These are available on sale from the press at £20 each.


These SRA3 sheets use the wood patterns made for use as poster borders to create prints and not at all as they were conventionally used.

Limited editions of under 20 copies of each design.

Available on sale at £30 each